The 3rd conference of the 1st Directorate of CAS-SEABRI

The 3rd conference of the 1st Directorate of CAS-SEABRI was held in Kunming on 16 June, 2017.

Under the organization of Bureau of International Co-operation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, The 3rd conference of the 1st Directorate of CAS-SEABRI  was held in Kunming on 16 June, 2017.

Prof. Jin CHEN, director of Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) and director of CAS-SEABRI chaired the meeting and gave a progress report of CAS-SEABRI. And Prof. Ruichang QUAN, deputy director of CAS-SEABRI represented the financial statement. All of the leadership, experts and insiders present at the meeting fully affirmed the achievements made by CAS-SEABRI, and offered advice and suggestions on: the key areas of the future work, expend the research direction, how to deal with the relevant difficulties and challenges, the introduction of international talent and significant achievements in output planning and so on. 

Prof. Yaping ZHANG,deputy president of Chinese Academy of Sciences and principle investigator of CAS-SEABRI concluded that the CAS-SEABRI achieved great progress and achievements under the support of the participating institutions, CAS Bureau of International Cooperation and other departments, although it is still young. We need to further strengthen the cooperation with related institutions and standard its management and operation as an overseas institution; improve research capacity and endeavor to turn out a batch of influential breakthroughs; service for China’s Belt and Road Initiative and carry out projects that benefit local people; increase publicity to improve its social impact and international status; actively seek more channels of funding and strengthen the development of CAS-SEARBI to achieve the its construction objectives gradually.

The Council will have important guiding significance for the construction of the CAS-SEABRI. CAS Bureau of International Cooperation, CAS Bureau of Science & Technology for Development, CAS Bureau of Major R&D Programs, CAS Bureau of Facility support and Budget Chinese Academy of Sciences, CAS Bureau of Frontier Sciences and Education, Kunming Branch, Chengdu Institute of Biology, Kunming Institute of Botany, Kunming Institute of Zoology, XTBG, etc. attended this meeting. 


Prof. Jin CHEN gave a progress report of CAS-SEABRI  (Photo by Qinglan CUI)


Prof. Ruichang QUAN represented the financial use  (Photo by Yijie XIAN)


Discussed the key areas of the future work  (Photo by Yijie XIAN)


Group photo (Photo by Yijie XIAN)