Yezin Agricultural University Students Visited CAS-SEABRI

Yezin Agricultural University Students Visit CAS-SEABRI

        Yezin Agricultural University (YAU) is one of the three Universities which are situated in Yezin, Zeyar Thiri Township, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar and it’s closely located to FRI. It is only one Agricultural University in Myanmar and composed with one rector and two pro-rectors with the academic staff of 162 and administrative staff of 400.
        Now, Yezin Agricultural University (YAU) is planning to explore FRI (Forest Research Institute) for five days. During their excursion on FRI, they arranged to visit South East Asia Biodiversity Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS-SEABRI), jointly sponsored by CAS and MONREC(Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation).
        Therefore, First Year Students (77 people) of Yezin Agricultural University started to explore CAS-SEABRI on 7th, February, 2017. This is the first day of the planned visit.
        The students paid attention to the explanation of the joint researchers about the four laboratories in CAS-SEABRI and their field works.


Explaining about the cooperation and field works of CAS-SEABRI


YAU Students visit Plant Biodiversity and Conservation Research Group laboratory


YAU Students explored to Aquatic Diversity and Conservation Research Group laboratory


YAU Students observed to Animal Diversity and Conservation Research Group laboratory


YAU Students explored to Ethnobotany and Traditional Medicine Research Group laboratory


Yezin Agricultural University’s students are taking group photo