A taxonomic revision of Herminium L.(Orchidoideae, Orchidaceae)

 Bhakta Bahadur Raskoti1, André Schuiteman2, Wei-Tao Jin1, Xiao-Hua Jin1,3

1  State Key Laboratory of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100093, China
2 Science Directorate, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 3AB, U.K.
3 Southeast Asia Biodiversity Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Science, Yezin, Nay Pyi Taw 05282, Myanmar
PubYear : 2017
Volume :  79
Publication Name :PhytoKeys 
Page number : 1–74
Abstract: Herminium (Orchidaceae, Orchidoideae) is a medium-sized genus widespread in the northern hemisphere, with a clear centre of diversity in the Himalayas. We present a comprehensive taxonomic revision of Herminium based on field observations and morphological studies, for which we examined about 2500 specimens. We recognize 49 species grouped into six formal sections, including one new species, Herminium tibeticum, from Tibet. We provide an identification key to the species, descriptions of the species, notes on ecology and distribution, and complete nomenclature for each species, including typifications. We here designate lectotypes for five species and reduce four taxa to synonymy.
Keywords: Herminium tibeticum, key, morphology, synonyms, taxonomy