Sinocoelotes gen. n., a new genus of the subfamily Coelotinae (Araneae, Agelenidae) from Southeast A

Lu Chen1,2, Zhe Zhao1, Shuqiang Li1
1   Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100101, China
2   Southeast Asia BiodiversityResearch Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Menglun, Mengla, Yunnan 666303, China
Corresponding author: Shuqiang Li (

PubYear : 2016
Volume : 614
Publication Name : ZooKeys
Page number : 51-86

A new genus of the spider subfamily Coelotinae, Sinocoelotes gen. n., with nine new species, is described from Yunnan and Sichuan Provinces in southern China. Te new species are: Sinocoelotes cangshanensis sp. n. (♀), S. hehuaensis sp. n. (♂♀), S. luoshuiensis sp. n. (♀), S. mangbangensis sp. n. (♀) from Yunnan; S. kangdingensis sp. n. (♀), S. ludingensis sp. n. (♂♀), S. mahuanggouensis sp. n. (♀), S. muliensis sp. n. (♀), and S. yanyuanensis sp. n. (♂) from Sichuan. In addition, six Coelotes species are transferred to the new genus: Sinocoelotes acicularis (Wang, Griswold & Ubick, 2009), comb. n. (♂♀), S. forfcatus (Liu & Li, 2010), comb. n. (♂♀), S. guangxian (Zhang, Yang, Zhu & Song, 2003), comb. n. (♂♀), S. pseudoterrestris (Schenkel, 1963), comb. n. (♂♀), S. pseudoyunnanensis (Wang, Griswold & Ubick, 2009), comb. n. (♂♀) and S. thailandensis (Dankittipakul & Wang, 2003), comb. n. (♂♀). DNA barcodes of all the species were documented for future use.

Keywords: Taxonomy, description, diagnosis, morphology, new combination, China